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 In this part, you can find all news about Cosmetics raw material and health care including 53-59-8, 606-68-8,1094-61-7; health medical chemical drugs including tetracaine hydrochloride, Procaine hydrochloride, tetramisole hydrochloride, Boric acid flakes, Levamisole Hydrochloride and more.
  • What is the function about Pregabalin?


    Pregabalin is an odorless white crystalline powder chemical. Chemical name 5-ethyl-5-phenyl-dihydro-4,6(1H,5H)-pyrimidinedione, molecular formula is C12H14N2O2, molecular weight is 325.4242, melting point is 281~282℃, slightly bitter taste, no acidity, in Slightly soluble in ethanol, almost insolubl Read More

  • What information you would miss about pregabablin?


    Pregabalin is an antiepileptic drug, which is mainly used clinically for the single or combined treatment of tonic-clonic seizures (grand mal), simple partial seizures and complex partial seizures. It is also used in the treatment of essential tremor and senile tremor. l What is the pharmacology and Read More

  • How much do you know about Pregabalin?


    The chemical name of Pregabalin is (S)-3-aminomethyl-5-methylhexanoic acid, the molecular formula is C8H17NO2, is an anti-epileptic drug, mainly used to treat postherpetic neuralgia clinically. l What is the mode of action of pregabalin?l What is Pregabalin used for?l What other drugs interact with Read More

  • What you could know more about Phenacetin powder?


    Phenacetin is acetaminophenethyl ether, a synthetic product. This product has a strong inhibitory effect on the synthesis and release of prostaglandins in the hypothalamus, but has a weak effect on the periphery, so the fever-lowering effect is good, and the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect is Read More

  • What is the function of phenacetin?


    The antipyretic effect of phenacetin is stronger than the analgesic effect. The potency of the drug is comparable to that of aspirin, the effect is slow and long-lasting, and the toxicity is low. l What role does phenacetin play?l What properties does phenacetin have?l How is phenacetin made? What Read More

  • What's the significant benefits from Benzocaine hydrochloride?


    Benzocaine hydrochloride is used for cosmetic UV absorption, local anesthetics, pain relief for wounds, ulcers and hemorrhoids. l What does benzocaine hydrochloride look like?l What’s th application of benzocaine?l What are the chemical data for benzocaine hydrochloride? What does benzocaine hydroch Read More

  • What's more details you may miss about benzocaine??


    The topical application of benzocaine acts on the nerve tissue of the skin and mucous membranes, blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, temporarily loses various senses and numbs sensory nerve endings to achieve pain relief and itch-relieving effects. The local anaesthetic effect of benzocaine i Read More

  • What more information you could know about benzocaine?


    The chemical formula of benzocaine is C9H11NO2, which is an organic compound. It is a colorless diamond-shaped crystal, odorless and tasteless. Soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform, soluble in almond oil, olive oil, dilute acid, insoluble in water. It is clinically used to relieve pain and itching Read More

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