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Which catalysts are used in Methyl 2-benzoyl benzoate?

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According to statistics, more than 90% of industrial processes use catalysts, such as chemical, petrochemical, biochemical, and environmental protection. There are many types of catalysts, which can be divided into liquid catalysts and solid catalysts according to their state; according to the phase state of the reaction system, they are divided into homogeneous catalysts and heterogeneous catalysts. Homogeneous catalysts include acids, bases, soluble transition metal compounds and, peroxide catalysts.


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What is a catalyst?

What is the Methyl 2-benzoyl benzoate?

which catalysts are used in Methyl 2-benzoyl benzoate?


What is a catalyst?


In a chemical reaction, a substance that can change the chemical reaction rate (increase or decrease) of the reactants without changing the chemical balance, and whose quality and chemical properties have not changed before and after the chemical reaction, is called a catalyst (solid catalyst is also called a catalyst).

The composition, chemical properties, and quality of the catalyst itself do not change before and after the reaction; its relationship with the reaction system is like the relationship between a lock and a key, with a high degree of selectivity (or specificity). A catalyst does not catalyze all chemical reactions; some chemical reactions are not the only catalyst.

Catalysts occupy an extremely important position in the modern chemical industry. For example, iron catalysts are used in the production of synthetic ammonia, vanadium catalysts are used in the production of sulfuric acid, and different catalysts are used in the production of three major synthetic materials such as the polymerization of ethylene and the production of rubber from butadiene.

Most catalysts have three distinct components: the active component, the support, and the co-catalyst. The active component is the main component of the catalyst, sometimes composed of a single substance, sometimes composed of multiple substances. The carrier is the dispersant, adhesive, or support of the catalytic active component, and is the skeleton of the active component. The catalyst prepared by supporting the active component and the co-catalyst component on the support is called the supported catalyst. The cocatalyst is added to the catalyst in a small amount of material, the catalyst is the auxiliary component, its itself is not active or activity is very small, but after they join the catalyst, can change the chemical composition of catalysts, chemical structure, ion valence, acid, alkaline, lattice structure and surface structure, pore structure, decentralized state, such as mechanical strength, Thus, the activity, selectivity, stability and life of the catalyst can be improved.


What is the Methyl 2-benzoyl benzoate?


Methyl 2-benzoyl benzoate, also called methyl phthaloyl benzoate, is a white or slightly yellow granular crystal, which is soluble in alcohol and alkali solutions, and is almost insoluble in water when it precipitates in acid. The melting point is 49-53°C. Methyl 2-benzoyl benzoate is used as an anti-ultraviolet absorber and as a preservative for food and beverages. Methyl 2-benzoyl benzoate can also be used for UV curable coatings and inks, catalysts and UV absorbers.


Which catalysts are used in Methyl 2-benzoyl benzoate?


Methyl 2-benzoyl benzoate is used as an anti-ultraviolet absorber and used for the preservation of food and beverages. When the catalyst is used for ultraviolet absorbers and carbon black ultraviolet absorbers, methyl 2-benzoyl benzoate is used.


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