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What you could know more about Phenacetin powder?

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Phenacetin is acetaminophenethyl ether, a synthetic product. This product has a strong inhibitory effect on the synthesis and release of prostaglandins in the hypothalamus, but has a weak effect on the periphery, so the fever-lowering effect is good, and the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect is bad. It is rarely used in clinical practice.

  • What does Phenacetin ?

  • What are the physical properties of Phenacetin?

  • What should we pay attention to when using Phenacetin?

What does Phenacetin do with its functions?

The role of Phenacetin is a very good antipyretic and analgesic drug for the treatment of acetanilide, mainly for neuralgia, headache and fever. The main component of this drug is Phenacetin. When using Phenacetin, it must be noted that this drug cannot be used for long. Long-term use can lead to cancer. In general, you should pay attention to a healthy diet and not eat too much spicy, greasy and stimulating food. You should also pay attention to more exercise, improve your physical fitness and strengthen your immunity. And the resistance to usually quit smoking and drinking cannot stay up for long.

What are the physical properties of Phenacetin?

Appearance and characteristics: white crystalline powder

Density: 1,099 g/cm3

Melting point: 133-136 °C (lit.)

Boiling point: 132 °C to 4 mmHg

Refractive index: 1,505 (20ºC)

Solubility in water: 0,076 g/100 ml

Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidants, strong acids.

Storage conditions: The warehouse is ventilated and dry at low temperature and stored separately from reducing agents and food additives.

White shiny scaly crystals or white crystalline powder. Melting point 137-138 ℃, refractive index 1,571. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in ether, slightly soluble in boiling water, soluble in ethanol and chloroform. It does not show color when dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid, and it turns orange-yellow when nitric acid is added to the solution. Odorless, slightly bitter taste.

What should we pay attention to when using Phenacetin?

1) Pharmacological Effect

Phenacetin has antipyretic and analgesic effects, but no anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effects.

2) Pharmacokinetics

Phenacetin is mainly metabolized to acetaminophen in the liver, and a small portion is deacetylated to p-aminophenethyl ether, which can be further metabolized to iminochinone to oxidize hemoglobin to methemoglobin. Oxygen symptoms, especially in children.

3) Notes

Phenacetin is mainly used as an antipyretic and analgesic. Due to its high toxicity, it has been replaced by paracetamol and is only used in some compound preparations.

4) Contraindications.

Persons allergic to this product, pregnant women and breastfeeding are prohibited; 2. People with liver and kidney failure are prohibited; 3. Persons with a history of hemolytic diseases or other blood diseases are prohibited; 4. Older people and children should be used with caution.

5) Precautions:

Sealed and protected from light.

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