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What is the synthetic spice of pyrrolidine?

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Pyrrolidine generally refers to tetrahydropyrrole, whose chemical formula is C4H9N, which is a colorless or yellow liquid with a special odor. It can easily turn yellow when exposed to light or humid air. It is easily soluble in water and ethanol and is corrosive and flammable. pyrrolidine is a colorless to yellow liquid with a pungent odor. The boiling point of pyrrolidine (ºC, 101.3KPa): 89. The melting point (ºC) of pyrrolidine is -63 degrees. The relative density of pyrrolidine (g/mL, 20/4ºC) is 0.85. The relative vapor density of pyrrolidine (g/mL, air=1) is 2.45. The flashpoint (ºC) of pyrrolidine is 3. The vapor pressure of pyrrolidine (kPa, 39ºC) is 1.8. The lower explosion limit (%, V/V) is 2.9. The upper explosion limit of pyrrolidine (%, V/V) is 13.0. pyrrolidine solubility can be miscible with alcohol, ether, and other organic solvents.


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l How to store pyrrolidine?

l What are the basic properties of pyrrolidine?

l How is pyrrolidine prepared?


How to store pyrrolidine?

Pyrrolidine is operated in a closed manner, with local exhaust ventilation. Wear goggles, gloves, masks, and protective clothing when working. Keep the pyrrolidine sealed and protected from light. 200kg, packed in the galvanized iron drum. Store pyrrolidine in a cool, well-ventilated warehouse, away from fire, sources of ignition, sun protection, acids, and oxidants.


What are the basic properties of pyrrolidine?

Pyrrole and its methyl-substituted homologs exist in bone tar. Colorless liquid. The boiling point is 130~131℃, and the relative density is 0.9691 (20/4℃). Slightly soluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol and ether. The pyrrole turns black under the action of trace oxygen; the loose tablet reaction gives a red color; it polymerizes to become pyrrole red under the action of hydrochloric acid; it is generally unstable to oxidants. It can undergo substitution reactions, mainly in the 2 or 5 positions. At 15°C, pyrrole is nitrated with nitric acid in acetic anhydride to obtain 2-tetrapyrrole. The yield is not high, and part of it becomes a resinous substance. Pyrrole is a secondary amine in form, but it dissolves very slowly in dilute acid; when the hydrogen on the ring is replaced by an alkyl group, the alkalinity increases and can form an insoluble salt. Pyrrole can form salts with picric acid; it can also be reduced to dihydro and tetrahydropyrrole.


How is pyrrolidine prepared?

Pyrrole can be prepared by reacting a 1,4-dicarbonyl compound with ammonia. In industry, pyrrole is prepared by the catalytic action of butanediol and ammonia. The compound of pyrrole and benzene in parallel is called indole and is an important compound. Some pyrrole derivatives have important physiological functions. For example, chlorophyll and heme are all derivatives of the porphyrin ring system formed by 4 pyrrole rings. tetrahydropyrrole is an important reagent. It reacts with ketones to lose water to form enamine, that is, there is a carbon-carbon double bond next to the amino group. For example, the enamine formed by cyclohexanone and tetrahydropyrrole has many uses in organic synthesis. Generally speaking, before using pyrrole as a raw material for experiments, it must be re-distilled before use, because pyrrole is prone to polymerize to form polypyrrole (black solid) when exposed to the air for a long time.


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