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What is the meaning of the Pyrrolidine?

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As important fine chemical intermediates, 3-aminoPyrrolidine and its derivatives are widely used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and other fields, and have good market prospects. 3-aminoPyrrolidine and its derivatives with optical activity are Important intermediates of various quinolones and cephalosporins, among which (R)-1-benzyl-3-aminoPyrrolidine is an important intermediate of the fifth-generation cephalosporin antibiotic cefepime, with good market prospects and economic benefit.

  • How to formulate the Pyrrolidine?

  • What are the properties of Pyrrolidine?

  • What precautions should I take when using Pyrrolidine?

How to formulate the Pyrrolidine?

Add 7.8g K2CO3 and 100.00g water to a 250ml round-bottomed flask, stir and dissolve at room temperature, add 5.0g D-aspartic acid, cool down to 0°C after aspartic acid dissolves, and slowly add 6.4g CBZ-Cl dropwise at 0°C. After adding and stirring for 10 minutes, the temperature was gradually raised to 20° C. and reacted for 3 hours. TLC detected the completion of the reaction and terminated the reaction. The reaction solution was extracted three times with petroleum ether, the aqueous layer was collected and adjusted to about pH 1.0 with dilute hydrochloric acid, and then extracted three times with ethyl acetate. 9.72 g of colorless and transparent oily substance Pyrrolidine was obtained, with a content of 96.37% and a yield of 93.28%.

What are the properties of Pyrrolidine?

Pyrrole can be prepared by reacting 1,4-dicarbonyl compound with ammonia. In industry, pyrrole is prepared by catalytic action of butynediol and ammonia. The compound of pyrrole and benzene in parallel, called indole, is an important compound. Some pyrrole derivatives have important physiological functions, for example, chlorophyll and heme are all derivatives of porphyrin ring system formed by four pyrrole rings. Tetrahydropyrrole is an important reagent, which reacts with ketones to lose water to form enamines, that is, there is a carbon-carbon double bond next to the amino group. For example, enamines formed by cyclohexanone and tetrahydropyrrole have various uses in organic synthesis. Generally speaking, before using pyrrole as a raw material for experiments, it should be re-distilled before use, because pyrrole is easily polymerized to form polypyrrole (black solid) when exposed to air for a long time.

What precautions should I take when using Pyrrolidine?

Pyrrolidine requires closed operation, local exhaust, goggles, gloves, masks, and protective clothing when working.

Pyrrolidine needs to be kept tightly sealed away from light. 200kg, packed in galvanized iron drums. The warehouse is cool and ventilated, keep away from fire, fire source, sunscreen, acid and oxidant.

Because Pyrrolidine is corrosive and flammable. Highly flammable, vapors mix with air to form explosive mixtures. Irritating or toxic fumes are emitted when burning. The chemical properties are alkaline, react with acids to form salts, and react violently with oxidants.

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