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What is the meaning of 4-Methylpropiophenone CAS:5337-93-9?

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4-Methylpropiophenone CAS:5337-93-9 is an important intermediate for the production of the drug Naomaining. Its synthesis mechanism belongs to the Friedel-Crafts acylation reaction. However, due to the different substituents on the benzene ring of the raw material toluene and ethylbenzene, the ortho, meta and para Due to the difference in the proportion of phthalated products, the choices of solvents, reaction time and temperature in the production process are different.

  • What is the preparation process of 4-Methylpropiophenone CAS:5337-93-9?

  • What is the difference between methyl Propiophenone and 4-Methylpropiophenone CAS:5337-93-9?

  • What information is there about 4-Methylphenidate?

What is the preparation process of 4-Methylpropiophenone CAS:5337-93-9?

1) Synthesis process of acetal chloride

Put 250kg of propionic acid and 185kg of phosphorus trichloride into a 500L glass-lined reaction pot respectively, slowly heat up the reaction, stir at 50°C for 6 hours, let stand for 3 hours, and remove the lower layer of phosphorous acid to obtain 297kg of propylphthalate chloride, yield 95%, the obtained acetal chloride can be used in the next production step without purification.

2) Put 225kg of anhydrous aluminum trichloride and 160kg of toluene into a 500L glass-lined reaction pot, cool the jacket, slowly add 120kg of propylphthalochloride dropwise with stirring, keep the internal temperature not more than 30°C, after adding, stir at room temperature 1h, then slowly heat up to 82°C, keep warm for 2h and then cool down, put the reaction droplets into a 2000L glass-lined reaction pot mixed with It ice-water and hydrolyze at low temperature, statically separate layers, take the upper oily substance, use water and saturated soda ash solution Wash until neutral, dry, remove toluene at normal pressure, and then collect 96-100°C/930Pa fraction to obtain 4-Methylpropiophenone CAS:5337-93-9 with a content of more than 98% and a yield of 88%.

What is the difference between methyl Propiophenone and 4-Methylpropiophenone CAS:5337-93-9?

These two names are ambiguous. The name of methyl Propiophenone can be a variety of different substances. The positions of methyl and carbonyl groups need to be marked. 4-Methylpropiophenone CAS:5337-93-9 indicates the position of methyl on the benzene ring. (And the position label is not strict), but the position of the carbonyl group is not marked. Acetone is the parent chain, and the carbonyl can be in the 1-position (the phenyl-substituted carbon) or the 2-position due to the phenyl substitution. The benzene ring is substituted, and the methyl group can be at the 2' position (ortho position), 3' position (meta position) or 4' (para position) but usually, just write methyl Propiophenone or 4-Methylpropiophenone CAS:5337-93-9 Refers to the same substance, both 4'-methylphenyl-1-propanone, CAS No. 5337-93-9.

What information is there about 4-Methylphenidate?

CAS 5337-93-9

EINECS 226-267-5

Chemical formula C10H12O

Molecular weight 148.202

inchi InChI=1/C10H12O/c1-3-10(11)9-6-4-8(2)5-7-9/h4-7H,3H2,1-2H3

Density 0.963g/cm3

Melting point 7.2℃

Boiling point 238.5°C at 760 mmHg

Flash point 97.9°C

Vapor Pressure 0.0423mmHg at 25°C

Refractive index 1.506

Density 0.993

Melting point 7.2°C

Boiling point 238-239°C

Refractive index 1.526-1.529

Flash point 96°C

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