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What is the function of the chemical reagent of 4-Ethylpropiophenone?

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polymerization, oxidation, volatilization, sublimation, and decomposition of physical and chemical changes, so that it can not be used. Therefore, reasonable packaging, appropriate storage conditions, and transportation methods should be used to ensure that chemical reagents do not deteriorate during storage, transportation, and sales. Some special requirements for storage and transportation should be handled according to special requirements. Some chemical reagents have a certain shelf life, must be careful when using them. The expiration date of a chemical reagent varies greatly with the chemical properties of the chemical. In general, chemically stable substances, the longer the shelf life, storage conditions are simple. Let’s take a look.

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What are the uses of pyridine compounds?

Pharmaceutical intermediate heterocyclic compound pyridine derivative pyridine compounds are mainly used in medicine, dyes, pesticides, and other fields, in the field of pesticides can be used as herbicides such as paraquat and chlorpyrifos and other pesticides. At the same time, pyridine base is the core common compound of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds in pyridine derivatives, which are pharmaceutical intermediates and heterocyclic drugs. The largest use of chemical reagent is in pesticides, accounting for 61% of total consumption, pharmaceuticals and feed additives about 28%, and other 7%.

What is the stability of the chemical reagent?

In principle, reference substances, standard substances, and high-purity substances should be stored in strict accordance with the preservation regulations to ensure that the package is intact and avoid being affected by the chemical environment, and the storage time should not be too long. In general, the reference substance must be used within its expiry date. The stability of most chemicals is still relatively good, the specific situation should be determined by the actual use requirements. If the analysis data is a general understanding, or the analysis results do not have specific accurate requirements, such as a general teaching experiment, general requirements can be made for the quality level of chemical reagents. But the laboratory data of the factory is used to guide the production, and the quality index of chemical reagents must not be vague. While chemical reagents for general synthetic use, in most cases, industrial-grade chemical reagents will suffice. However, in some cases, the quality requirements of the raw materials for the synthesis of research and some special chemicals are very strict, which requires strict control.

What substance is 4-methyl phenylacetone?

Methylphenylacetone is a chemical reagent that can be named for many different substances. The positions of both methyl and carbonyl groups need to be indicated. 4-methylphenylacetone indicates the position of methyl on the benzene ring (and the position is not carefully marked) but also does not indicate the position of the carbonyl group.

Acetone is the parent chain, and the carbonyl group can be either at position 1 (phenyl-substituted carbon) or position 2 due to phenyl substitutions. The benzene ring is a substituent, the methyl group can be at 2 '(ortho) 3' or 4 '(para) but in general, you just write methylphenylacetone or 4-methylphenylacetone to refer to the same thing, 4' -methyl phenyl-1-acetone, CAS 5337-93-9.


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