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What is the function of boric acid?

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Boric acid is soluble in water, alcohol, glycerin, ethers and essential oils, and the aqueous solution is slightly acidic. It is widely used in the glass industry (optical glass, acid-resistant glass, heat-resistant glass, glass fiber for insulation materials), which can improve the heat resistance and transparency of glass products, improve the mechanical strength and shorten the melting time.

  • What functions does boric acid have?

  • What role does boric acid play on glass and glass fiber?

  • What should be considered when using boric acid?

What functions does boric acid have?

1. If boric acid is sprayed in the laboratory with strong lye (NaOH or KOH), it should also be coated with boric acid solution in addition to rinsing with plenty of clean water (H2O). to neutralize the remaining strong base. This is one of the most basic and closest to life applications. (If there is no boric acid solution nearby and is sprayed by a strong base, carbonic acid can be used in an emergency, but boric acid is preferred because boric acid is also an acid weaker than the carbonic acid in cola.)

2. Boric acid can be used as a preparation buffer. Production of various borates. Insecticide for cockroaches and black beetles in carpets. In medicine, it is used as a hemostatic agent and preservative.

3. Boric acid is used as pH adjuster, disinfectant, antibacterial preservative, etc. used; Used in the manufacture of borate, boric acid ester, optical glass, paint, pigment, boric acid soap, leather finishing agent, printing and dyeing aids and medical disinfectants, etc.

4. Boric acid is used in capacitor manufacturing and electronic components industries, high purity analytical reagents, medical disinfection and corrosion protection, as well as preparation of processing fluids for light-sensitive materials.

What role does boric acid play on glass and glass fiber?

Boric acid is used to produce high-quality glasses and glass fibers such as optical glass, acid-resistant glass and organic boron glass. It can improve the heat resistance and transparency of glass, improve the mechanical strength and shorten the melting time.

B2O3 plays a dual role as a flux and networking agent in glass and fiber manufacturing. For example, in glass fiber manufacturing, the melting temperature can be lowered to facilitate wire drawing. Generally, B2O3 can reduce viscosity, control thermal expansion, prevent glazing, improve chemical stability, and improve mechanical and thermal shock resistance.

Boric acid is often mixed with sodium borates (such as borax pentahydrate or anhydrous borax) to adjust the ratio of sodium to boron in glass in glass production, which requires a lower sodium content. This is important for borosilicate glasses as boron oxide has good solubility at low sodium and high alumina content.

What should be considered when using boric acid?

Boric acid requires closed operation and improved ventilation. Operators must undergo special training and strictly adhere to operating procedures. It is recommended that operators wear self-priming filter dust masks, chemical goggles, anti-virus workwear and rubber gloves. Avoid dust formation. Avoid contact with alkalis and potassium. During handling, it should be easily loaded and unloaded to keep the packaging intact and prevent spillage. Equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers can be harmful residues.

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