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What is the function of anthelmintic Levamisole HCL?

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Levamisole Hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt of the synthetic imidazothiazole derivative levamisole with anthelminthic and immunomodulating activities. Levamisole hydrochloride is an organic molecular entity. Levamisole HCL is an antihelminthic drug that was commonly used for the treatment of parasitic, viral, and bacterial infections.


What is the function of anthelmintic Levamisole HCL?

How to store Levamisole HCL?

What is the dosage of Levamisole HCL?


What is the function of anthelmintic Levamisole HCL?

In immunosuppressed states, Levamisole HCL may restore immune function by stimulating antibody formation, stimulating T-cell activation and proliferation, potentiating monocyte and macrophage phagocytosis and chemotaxis and increasing neutrophil mobility, adherence, and chemotaxis.

Levamisole HCL, a phenylimidazothiazole, was originally developed as an antihelminthic but is now used clinically as an immunostimulant and antineoplastic agent. Levamisole HCL is used in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections in children, and as adjuvant therapy with fluorouracil after surgical resection of colon carcinoma. The ability of Levamisole HCL to activate ICI makes it potentially valuable as a therapy for the transport defect of cystic fibrosis. However, Levamisole HCL is ineffective in eliciting a net change in chloride secretion in a cystic fibrosis cell line model.

Levamisole HCL has been used in the treatment of recurrent aphthous stomatitis. There is a reduction in the frequency and duration of aphthous ulcers during Levamisole HCL treatment. Efficacy does not differ whether Levamisole HCL is given routinely or started at the first sign of ulcers. In most patients, Levamisole HCL was well tolerated. The most frequent adverse effects of Levamisole HCL are dysgeusia and nausea. The other adverse effects of Levamisole HCL occurred in less than 10% of the patients and included dysosmia, headaches, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, and rash, but not all may have been due to Levamisole HCL.


How to store Levamisole HCL?

Levamisole HCL should be stored at room temperature from 15 to 30°C, unless otherwise instructed by the manufacturer; avoid tem­peratures greater than 40°C.

Store Levamisole HCL in a closed container at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and direct light, as well as keeping from freezing. 

Levamisole HCL must be kept out of the reach of children. Do not keep outdated Levamisole HCL or Levamisole HCL no longer needed.

The area where Levamisole HCL is stores should use explosion-proof electrical, ventilating and lighting equipment. Only use tools that do not produce sparks and take measures to prevent electrostatic discharge. Levamisole HCL should be stores in a well-ventilated place with low temperature and closed container.

If a fire occurs, use dry sand, dry chemicals or alcohol-resistant foam to extinguish the fire. If clothing is contaminated by Levamisole HCL, immediately remove or take off all contaminated clothing, which can be reused after washing.


What is the dosage of Levamisole HCL?

The usual adult dosage of Levamisole HCL for malignant disease is 50mg orally every 8 hours for 3 days, starting 7 to 30 days post-surgery. Levamisole HCL may be given as maintenance therapy for 3 days at 2-week intervals for 1 year.

The dosage of Levamisole HCL may depend upon the specific indication for use. Reference to specific protocols is recommended.

If the WBC count is between 2500 and 3500/mm³, defer the Levamisole HCL dose until the WBC count is over 3,500/mm³. If the WBC count is less than 2,500/mm³, defer the Levamisole HCL dose until the WBC count is more than 3,500/mm³ and resume the Levamisole HCL dose reduced by 20%. If the WBC count remains less than 2,500/mm³ for over 10 days, discontinue administration of Levamisole HCL. Levamisole HCL should be deferred when the platelet count is less than 100,000/mm³.

Levamisole HCL is indicated as adjuvant treatment in combination with fluorouracil after surgical resection for Duke's stage C colon cancer. On the first day of combination therapy, a CBC with differential and platelets, serum electrolytes, and liver function tests are recommended. Thereafter, a weekly CBC with differential and platelets prior to each treatment with Levamisole HCL is recommended. Serum electrolytes and liver function tests are recommended every 3 months for a total of 1 year.


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