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What is a chemical reagent of hexanophenone?

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Chemical reagents are the relative standard substances for chemical research and component analysis, and an important condition for scientific and technological progress. They are widely used in the synthesis, separation, qualitative and quantitative analysis of substances. Chemical reagents can be said that chemical workers' eyes are inseparable from chemical reagents in the daily work of factories, schools, hospitals, and research institutes. Let's take a look at chemical reagents.

Here is the content list:

●What is the definition of a chemical agent?

●What is hexanophenone

●What does the application of benzene ethyl ketone have?

What is the definition of a chemical agent?

The chemical reagent has widely applied in industry, agriculture, health care, life science, inspection and quarantine, environmental protection, energy development, national defense, scientific research, and national economy in all walks of life, but what is a "chemical", it contains what content, give it a precise definition is a very difficult thing. Early chemical reagents referred only to "pure chemicals used in chemical analysis and chemical tests to determine the composition or composition of a substance". It was later expanded to "chemicals used to achieve a chemical reaction", and "chemical agents" referred to as chemicals have long gone beyond this category. Chemical reagents are believed that any "chemical used in a scientific experiment" can be called a "chemical agent". A more comprehensive definition of chemical reagents may be compounds or elements of various purity grades used in chemical tests, chemical analyses, chemical studies, and other tests.

What is hexanophenone?

The hexanophenone in the chemical reagent, the molecular formula is C8H8O, is an organic compound, a colorless liquid with a high refractive index. This chemical has a pleasant aromatic smell and is slightly soluble in water. It is easily soluble in alcohols, ethers, chloroform, fatty oils, and glycerin. It is orange in sulfuric acid.

What does the application of benzene ethyl ketone have?

The chemical is used to make soap and cigarettes. It is also used as intermediates for organic chemical synthesis, solvents for fiber resins, and plasticizers for plastics. Used for mixing cherry, tomato, strawberry, apricot, and another edible flavor also can be used in tobacco flavor. The recommended dosage in the final flavored food is 0.6~20mg/kg. When used as a solvent, this chemical reagent has the characteristics of high boiling point, stability, and pleasant smell. It can dissolve nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, vinyl resin, coumarone resin, alkyd resin, glycerol alkyd resin, etc. It is often mixed with ethanol, ketones, esters, and other solvents. With the high boiling point, stability and other characteristics are often mixed with other solvents. Chemical reagents are used in the manufacture of soaps and cigarettes, as intermediates for organic chemical synthesis, solvents for fibrous resins, and plasticizers for plastics. Used as solvent of cellulose ether, cellulose ester, resin, preservative, rubber, medicine, dye, etc.

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