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What is Boric Acid?

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Boric Acid is an anti-bacterial drug, mainly used to wash small wounds and mucous membranes. Boric Acid and its sodium borate salts are pesticides that we can find in nature and many products. Borax is one of the most common products. Boric Acid and its sodium salts each combine boron with other elements in a different way. In general, the toxicities of Boric Acid compounds each depend on the amount of boron they contain.


What is the function of Boric Acid?

What can Boric Acid be used for?

What should be paid attention to when using Boric Acid?


What is the function of Boric Acid?

Boric Acid can kill insects if they eat it. Boric Acid disrupts insects’ stomach and can affect nervous system. Boric Acid can also scratch and damage the exterior of insects. Boric Acid and borax, a sodium borate salt, can kill plants by causing them to dry out. Boric Acid stops plants from producing the energy they need from light. Boric Acid can also stop the growth of fungi, such as mold. Boric Acid prevents them from reproducing.

l Boric Acid is used to wash small wounds and mucous membranes;

l Boric Acid is used to treat mild, small-area acute eczema, acute dermatitis, impetigo, pressure ulcer;

l Boric Acid is used to treat symptoms such as ears, earplugs, and yellow water in the ears.

There are several preparations and specifications of Boric Acid. The administration methods, routes, absorption speed and stability of various Boric Acid are different, while each has its own characteristics. Different manufacturers' preparations of Boric Acid may have different drug effects and adverse reactions due to different manufacturing processes. Please consult your doctor for specific choices of Boric Acid.


What can Boric Acid be used for?

Boric Acid is widely used in the glass industry to improve the heat resistance and transparency of glass products, increase the mechanical strength, and shorten the melting time.

In the enamel and ceramic industries, Boric Acid is used to enhance the gloss and fastness of ceramic products, and is also a component of glazes and pigments.

Used as an additive and flux in the metallurgical industry, Boric Acid has high strength and good rolling ductility, and can replace nickel steel. Boric Acid has antiseptic properties and can be used as a preservative, such as wood preservation.

Boric Acid is used in metal welding, leather, photography and other industries, as well as in the manufacture of dyes, heat-resistant and fire-resistant fabrics, artificial gems, capacitors, and cosmetics.

Boric Acid can also be used as insecticide and catalyst. Agricultural fertilizers containing Boric Acid are effective for many crops and can improve crop quality and yield. Boric Acid is also one of the basic raw materials for the production of other borides. The boron compounds produced by Boric Acid are widely used in national defense and other industrial departments and scientific research units.


What should be paid attention to when using Boric Acid?

Boric Acid is considered safe to use vaginally. But Boric Acid can be toxic if it is swallowed. Never take Boric Acid by mouth, and make sure it is kept out of reach of children and pets. Seek medical attention immediately if you think you or someone in your household has ingested Boric Acid.

Boric Acid should not be used during pregnancy. Before using Boric Acid, talk to your doctor to make sure it is safe for you, and ask about dosing instructions.

l Boric Acid is not suitable to use boric acid in a large area.

l Avoid contact Boric Acid with eyes and other mucous membranes.

l If there is a burning sensation, itching, redness and swelling where Boric Acid is used, the medication should be discontinued immediately and the local residual medication should be washed away.


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