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What flavors and spices does anisole have?

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Anisole is an organic compound with a molecular formula of C7H8O. Found naturally in the oil of tarragon, it has pleasant flavors and spices. Anisole is used in organic synthesis, as well as solvent, perfume, and insect repellent. Anisole is made by reacting dimethyl sulfate with phenol in an alkaline solution. Let's introduce the composition of anisole.


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l What are aromatic carboxylic acid esters?

l In which areas can aromatic carboxylic acid esters be used?

l How to make aromatic carboxylic acid esters?


What are aromatic carboxylic acid esters?

Aromatic carboxylic acid esters and their derivatives aromatic ring (such as benzene, Cai, Hui) or aromatic ringside chain with shuttle group compounds, collectively referred to as aromatic carboxylic acid esters. Aromatic carboxylic acid esters are all solids. Aromatic acid and its derivatives generally have higher boiling points and melting points than fatty acids and their derivatives and are not easily volatile. Aromatic carboxylic acid esters have low solubility in water and stable chemical properties. Aromatic acid not only has the properties of acylation, acid fleshing, aldehyde amination, and drunkenness of fatty acids but also substitution, addition, and ring upswing reactions on the aromatic ring. Aromatic carboxylic acid esters are mostly prepared by oxidation of corresponding aromatic hydrocarbons, and can also be prepared by methods such as aromatic nitrile hydrolysis and oxidation of aromatic alcohols and aromatic aldehydes. There are also a few aromatic carboxylic acid eaters extracted from natural products such as plants, wood, coal, and charcoal.


In which areas can aromatic carboxylic acid esters be used?

Aromatic carboxylic acid esters include metal salts, esters, phthalates, halogens, phenols, and the like. Due to the complex structure of various aromatic ring-substituted aromatic carboxylic acid ester derivatives, many products suitable for different purposes such as heat resistance, light resistance, insulation, chemical resistance, and corrosion resistance can be made. Aromatic carboxylic acid esters are widely used in pesticides, medicine, perfume, synthetic fiber, resin film, paint, and other industries.


How to make aromatic carboxylic acid esters?

The production steps of the aromatic carboxylic acid ester are as follows: the reaction material is mixed with the oxygen-containing gas, and the oxidation reaction is carried out. The mixed gas produced by the oxidation reaction escapes from the upper part of the reaction zone and is condensed. The condensed part of the saturated liquid is sent to the subcooling condenser to be condensed again, and reflux to the upper and lower parts of the oxidation reaction zone. At the same time, the remaining mixed steam is condensed again, and the obtained saturated condensed liquid is refluxed to the feed port of the oxidation reaction zone, mixed with the reactant, and sent to the oxidation reaction zone together. Repeat this until the reaction is complete.


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