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How does the chemical reagent of valeropheneone work?

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Aromatic ketones

of valerian is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Patriniaceae, aromatic ketones of the valerian genus. It is rich in more than 150 chemical components and has a variety of pharmacological effects. Aromatic ketones of valerian have the effect of calming and aiding sleep, which can effectively alleviate insomnia and improve sleep quality; It has an anti-anxiety effect, can treat patients with mild or moderate anxiety, and can also help severe patients reduce anxiety; It has anti-tumor effects and is effective Reduce the probability of illness, inhibits the proliferation of tumors; Have an antispasmodic effect, can relax the intestines and stomach. In addition, aromatic ketones of valerian also have a variety of functions, such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue, anti-depression, anti-epileptic, and protect human organs.


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l What are the botanical characteristics of aromatic ketones of valerian?

l What chemical reagents do aromatic ketones of valerian contain?

l What are the pharmacological effects of aromatic ketones of valerian?


What are the botanical characteristics of aromatic ketones of valerian?

Aromatic ketones of valerian, also known as Perennial Herb, Luzi grass, Xiaojiujijia, Ganong, Cat Food Vegetable, etc., is a perennial herb that loves shade. Its growth height can reach more than 100cm, the flowers are purple-red, the stems are upright and hollow, the rhizomes are short and head-shaped, and the fibrous roots are clustered. The whole plant can be used as medicine, the main parts of which are used as medicine are roots and rhizomes. Aromatic ketones of valerian love a humid environment, are resistant to waterlogging and drought and are suitable for growing in a neutral or weakly alkaline environment. It grows best in sandy soil.


What chemical reagents do aromatic ketones of valerian contain?

Aromatic ketones of valerian are rich in a variety of chemical components, including volatile oil, flavonoids, alkaloids, iridoids, lignans and, so on. The chemical components are mostly distributed in the vegetative organs, the roots mostly contain iridoids and volatile oils, and the flowers, stems, leaves, and fruit parts mostly contain alkaloids and flavonoids. Flavonoids mainly include quercetin, apigenin, locustin, luteolin, acacetin, digitonin and so on. Flavonoids mainly exist in the flowers, fruits, stems, and leaves of aromatic ketones of valerian. Studies have found that the content of flavonoids in flowers and fruits is higher than that in leaves.


What are the pharmacological effects of aromatic ketones of valerian?

Aromatic ketones of valerian have sedative and sleep aid effects. Aromatic ketones of valerian have anti-anxiety effects. In the research report of aromatic ketones of valerian, a double-blind adult test can reduce the subjective feeling of anxiety, indicating that aromatic ketones of valerian can reduce the degree of anxiety. Aromatic ketones of valerian have anti-tumor effects. Related experiments have found that aromatic ketones of valerian contain valine, and the extracted valine has the effect of inhibiting liver cancer cells. Valerin can inhibit T2 lymphocytes and liver cancer cells, and can also kill dangerous cancer cells. Among them, valine reacts quickly with the corresponding parts of liver cells. Aromatic ketones of valerian also have antispasmodic effects. Aromatic ketones of valerian volatile oil not only have the effect of calming and aiding sleep but also have a good antispasmodic and analgesic effect.


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