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How chemical pesticide is used?

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Chemical pesticides are widely used in agricultural production. It has the function of regulating and controlling the insect pests of agricultural production and regulating the growth of animals and plants. It was first used in agriculture in 1761. The following will introduce the relevant knowledge about chemical pesticides.


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What is the chemical pesticide?

What are the advantages of chemical pesticides?

How a chemical pesticide is used?


What is a chemical pesticide?


Pesticides refer to a class of drugs used in agricultural production to protect and promote the growth of plants and crops to kill insects, sterilize, and kill harmful animals (or weeds). In particular, it refers to pesticides used in agriculture to control pests and regulate plant growth and weeding. Chemical pesticides are widely used in agricultural production. It has the functions of regulating pests in agricultural production and regulating the growth of animals and plants. Synthetic pesticides are synthetic chemical pesticides, that is, chemical pesticides. It has a wide variety of complex structures, and most of them are polymer compounds; most of them are neutral in pH, and most of them are easily decomposed under strong alkali or strong acid conditions.

Chemical pesticides can be divided into five categories, including organic insecticides, organic acaricides, organic fungicides, organic herbicides and plant growth regulators.


What are the advantages of chemical pesticides?


1. a wide range of applications. In all cases, as long as chemical pesticides are used properly, stable control effects can be obtained.

2. prevention and treatment of more objects. With a pesticide, preparation can prevent and control a variety of pests, and a pest in different growth and development stages are effective; Chemical pesticides can be processed into a variety of pesticide formulations and adopt different ways to use, can adapt to various production conditions, and pest control different medical education | net collection.

3. Low production cost. It can produce chemical pesticides on a large scale in the factory, with guaranteed quality, convenient storage, transportation, and use, and can meet the needs of large-scale production.

4. high prevention and control effect. When the population of harmful organisms is close to the economic permissible level, the spread and harm of harmful organisms can be controlled within a few hours or 1-2 days after the use of chemical pesticides, so that the economic loss can be minimized.

5. High economic efficiency. It is estimated that the input-output ratio of using chemical pesticides is more than 1:5.


How a chemical pesticide is used?


1. To master the physicochemical properties of the used pesticides, the prevention and control of objects and matters needing attention. Have a clear idea of what to do.

2. Pay attention to "the right medicine for the case". There are many kinds of pesticides, including fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, etc. Chemical pesticides should be selected according to the categories of disease prevention and control. In addition, there are many varieties of insecticides and fungicides, and diseases may have been resistant, so specific drugs or newly developed drugs of diseases and pests should be selected as far as possible.

3. Each disease and insect pests have their critical period of control, timely use of drugs can be twice the result with half the effort, and once missed, it is difficult to achieve the ideal effect.

4. Appropriate use of drugs: people are often anxious to treat insects, that the greater the dose of drugs, the better the effect. Small doses of drugs are not effective, but large doses of drugs, in addition to man-made waste, but also easy to produce drug damage and human and animal poisoning accidents. Therefore, we must according to the growth of crops and the extent of occurrence of diseases and insect pests, according to the drug instructions to stipulate appropriate proportion, reasonable use. Under normal circumstances, the crop growth is vigorous, the serious occurrence of diseases and insect pests, the amounts of drugs; When the disease and insect pests occur lightly in the seedling period, the amount of drug used is small.

5. The method should be appropriate: according to different diseases and insect pests to choose different control methods, such as seed dressing, poisoning bait, stem coating, powder spraying, spray, etc. The prevention and control of underground pests generally adopt the method of spreading poison bait and the method of coating the stem with medicine for the disease of the stem. But no matter which way you choose, the drug must be uniform and thoughtful.


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