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How about the industrial-grade of BTMS 50?

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BTMS 50 is usually used in hair care and shampoo products: conditioners, ointments, shampoos, and other hair products. It has excellent anti-knot and softness properties for hair. However, do you know how about the industrial-grade of BTMS 50?

Here is the content list:

l What is the meaning of Industrial grade?

l Performance and application of industrial-grade of BTMS 50

l How to choose the industrial grade of BTMS 50 of suitable model and good quality?


What is the meaning of Industrial grade?

Industrial grade, agricultural grade, food grade, reagent grade, and analytical grade are classified according to different uses. For example, the industrial-grade is used in the process of production, and the specific content standard is determined according to the product attributes. Generally speaking, the military-grade is the highest, followed by the industrial grade, then the commercial-grade, and finally the civilian grade. The industrial-grade standard means that certain groups that produce products have been calculated through scientific practice and recognized by most of the people in the industry. A value that can be compared as a reference is determined to facilitate the production process.

General industrial-grade products refer to the same series of products with high technical parameters and other aspects, in short, the best performance! Industrial-grade products can meet the use in relatively harsh environments, and the various performance parameters of industrial-grade products are also above other levels.

Performance and application of industrial-grade of BTMS 50

BTMS 50 is a white flake, soluble in water and ethanol, and has good compatibility with cationic and non-ionic surfactants, and is stable below 120°C. Good chemical stability, heat resistance, light resistance, pressure resistance, strong acid, and alkali resistance.Industrial grade BTMS 50 has excellent anti-knot and softness properties for hair.

Industrial grade BTMS 50 is a 50% active Behentian (C22) quaternary regulator and cationic emulsifier available in the form of lozenges. Does not contain ethoxylate components. It provides non-volatile substances and the best possible activity. As a more active BTMS, the formulator controls the quaternary ammonium salt: aliphatic alcohol ratio to provide conditioning properties for the product, in order to provide adjustable conditioning with low fatty alcohol content. Can be customized. A mild primary emulsifier as well as an excellent conditioner, it provides an elegant cationic emulsion for skin and hair care products. These creams are difficult to wash off, leave a soft, powdery feel on the skin and give conditioners excellent combing properties. The conditioner improves wet combing and accentuates the fluffiness and elasticity of the hair. It's very mild, so it's suitable for conditioners that don't wash away. Industrial grade BTMS 50 can be used as a co-emulsifier, adding conditioning properties to the emulsion.

How to choose the industrial grade of BTMS 50 of suitable model and good quality?

1.good quality with competitive price of industrial-grade of BTMS 50;

2.A serious service for a partner, professional consultants, and thoughtful service;

3.solid packing, or packing industrial grade of BTMS 50 as your request;

4. guarantee 95% of your packages pass through the USA, Mexico, UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands. We have cooperating agents in these countries, our customs clearance company will clear your parcel without customs issues.


It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce the industrial grade of BTMS 50 that meets the standards. Mulei (Wuhan) New Material Technology Co. Ltd., conducts many tests on the industrial-grade of BTMS 50 before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the industrial-grade of BTMS 50 business, you can consider our cost-effective products.


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