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Does NRC belong to nucleoside drugs?

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Nucleoside drugs are a class of important drugs for the treatment of viral infectious diseases, tumors, and AIDS. Nicotinamide riboside chloride (NRC), anti-aging nutrition/Cosmetic raws, culminating in enhanced oxidative metabolism and protection against high fat diet-induced metabolic abnormalities. Therefore, NRC belongs to nucleoside drugs.


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l What is NRC?

l What kind of effect is there in Nucleoside Drugs?

l What are Deoxy nucleotides and their analogs?


What is NRC?

The full name of NRC is Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride. It belongs to nucleoside drugs. Nicotinamide riboside chloride is used in dietary supplements. Diamide nucleosides are precursors of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and represent the source of vitamin B3. Recent studies have shown that ingesting a larger amount of nicotinoid nucleosides than foods can achieve new health benefits. For example, nicotinic nucleosides have involved increasing tissue NAD concentration and induce insulin sensitivity, and enhancing the function of the deacetylase (sirtuin). It increases the ability of NAD to indicate that nicotinic nucleosides can also improve mitochondrial health, stimulate mitochondrial function, and induce new mitochondria. Other studies conducted by nicotinamide nucleoside in the Alzheimer's disease model have shown that the molecules have biological availability for the brain, and may provide neuroprotective effects by stimulating the brain NAD synthesis (the same as above). In addition, in 2012, the high-fat dietary mice supplemented with nicotinic nucleosides were reduced by 60% compared to the same high-fat dietary mice that had no nicotine nucleoside.


What kind of effect is there in Nucleoside Drugs?

Nucleoside drugs are a class of important drugs for the treatment of viral infectious diseases, tumors, and AIDS. Nucleoside drugs are a class of important drugs for the treatment of viral infectious diseases, tumors, and AIDS. Anti-viral drug A wide variety of nucleoside antiviral pharmaceutical varieties, structurally, mainly for the synthesis of viral transcription, interference, or terminating viral nucleic acid, used for DNA and RNA viruses such as peptide virus, HIV, HBV, and influenza and respiratory viruses. At present, the most used in this area, and new drugs are mainly concentrated in the treatment of the above diseases. Anti-tumor drug There are dozens of nucleoside anti-tumor drugs currently used in clinical and under research, their main role is to interfere with DNA synthesis of tumors, or affect the transcription process of nucleic acids, inhibit protein synthesis, thereby achieving the treatment of tumors. Antifunctivial drugs Nucleoside compounds with this aspect have been used in clinical applications, wherein some products have inhibitory effects on a variety of fungi, and almost non-toxic to mammals. Anti-depression Nucleoside drugs can be used to treat nervous system diseases, with very strong antidepressants, and some drugs can also be used as an analgesic agent for the treatment of articular diseases, which is also effective for cerebral vascular dysfunction.


What are Deoxy nucleotides and their analogs?

A nucleotide is divided into two major categories of ribonucleotides and deoxyribonucleotides

Deoxynucleotide is the basic unit of DNA DNA (DNA) [1], is a small molecule compound consisting of three substances of purine or pyrimidine, deoxyribose, and phosphoric acid. The basic foundation of biomass genetic material DNA. The diversity of the determination is the four kinds of base adenine in the deoxynucleotide (an abbreviated as a), thymine (THYMINE, Z), cytosine (cytosine, abbreviated c), and guanine (guanine), Abbreviations are g) different sequences. [2] The four bases are arranged in the inner side along the DNA long chain, and their arrangement sequence stores genetic information. The deoxynucleotide has the function of promoting cell growth, enhancing cell viability, and the role of changing the body metabolism.


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