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Does NAD+ Really Work

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The full name of NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is "Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide", abbreviated as Coenzyme I. It is a coenzyme that transfers protons (or hydrogen ions to be precise), and it appears in multiple metabolic reactions in cells. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+, NADH in reduced form) is a derivative of vitamin B3 (commonly known as niacin). Therefore, vitamin B drugs are one of the most important API of NAD+.


Here is the content list:

What is API?

how does the API of NAD+ work?

Why do we need vitamin B drugs?


What is API?

API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) is intended to be used in any substance or mixture of substances in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, and when used in pharmaceuticals, it becomes an active ingredient of pharmaceuticals. Only when API is processed into a pharmaceutical preparation can it becomes medicine for a clinical application. According to its source, API is divided into two categories: synthetic chemical drugs and natural chemical drugs. The quality of API determines the quality of preparations, so its quality standards are very strict.


How does the API of NAD+ work?

Without the structure of coenzymes, enzymes cannot catalyze biochemical reactions, which is a basic common sense in biochemistry. Most Vitamins and minerals play the role of coenzymes, thus participating in a certain biochemical reaction of the body. Vitamin B, help increase NAD levels. And Scientists have finally confirmed that one of the essential causes of aging lies in the DNA in the cell and the mitochondria of the energy factory.  Damage will gradually accumulate with age, and the accumulation of DNA damage will also It will lead to a decline in the ability of the body to synthesize NAD+ so that the content of NAD+ in the human body begins to decrease rapidly after the age of 30. The decrease of NAD+, in turn, leads to a decrease in DNA repairability, which further accelerates the accumulation of DNA damage. Therefore, by maintaining sufficient NAD+ in the cell to break this vicious circle, maintain the self-repairing ability of DNA, and effectively repair the DNA damage in the aging zone, it is considered to be the key way to inhibit aging. With age, the level of NAD+ in the human body will gradually drop by nearly 60%, and the repair of DNA by the cells of the human body will gradually become worse, so people will age. This is the main cause of cancer. NAD+ can directly repair DNA and act on almost all biological processes in our body. And it can significantly inhibit the decline in metabolism caused by aging, the increase in blood sugar and lipids, the decline of immune function, and the decline of cognitive ability. NAD+ is the coenzyme of the tricarboxylic acid cycle in the mitochondria that provides 95% of the energy to the human body. At the same time, NAD+ can reverse cardiovascular aging and improve heart tolerance.


Why do we need vitamin B drugs?

1. Most Vitamin B cannot be synthesized by the human body and must be supplemented from food. Its water-soluble characteristics prevent the body from storing excess Vitamin B.

2. People blindly pursue the refinement of diet, resulting in less and fewer Vitamin B in food.

3. Too much sugar and fat intake require more B vitamins to promote metabolism. In addition, lifestyles such as high pressure, fast-paced, and staying up late also make the body need a lot of Vitamin B.

4. In addition, Vitamin B is also very "fragile", afraid of light, water, heat, and oxidation. Vitamin B in food is more likely to be lost.

Therefore, taking vitamin B drugs is the best choice


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