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Does API Benzocaine do harm to body?

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Benzocaine as a local anesthetic has analgesic effect, especially is suitable for the suppression of skin surface pain. Generally speaking, Benzocaine is not used alone, but is made into a compound preparation, such as compound Benzocaine ointment, phenol and eucalyptus oil. Zinc oxide of Benzocaine compound acts as an astringent to reduce inflammatory exudate on the skin surface. Phenol of Benzocaine compound is a disinfectant and antiseptic drug with antibacterial effect, as well as having a certain analgesic effect. Eucalyptus oil of Benzocaine compound has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. The above-mentioned ingredients can be used to treat mild scalds and burns on small areas of the skin.


  • Does API Benzocaine do harm to body?

  • How to synthesize Benzocaine?

  • How to store Benzocaine?


1. Does API Benzocaine do harm to body?

Benzocaine is a local anesthetic with low toxicity, but Benzocaine has a mild sensitization effect. Benzocaine is flammable and has a mild sensitization effect, which has serious harm to the environment.

If Benzocaine contact with skin, take off contaminated clothing and rinse with plenty of running water.

If Benzocaine touch with eyes, open eyelids and rinse with running water for 15 minutes. Then seek medical attention immediately.

If Benzocaine is inhaled, leave the scene quickly to a place with fresh air to keep the airway unobstructed. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stops, give artificial respiration immediately and seek medical attention.

If Benzocaine is swallowed by mistake, drink appropriate amount of warm water to induce vomiting and go to see doctors.

Although Benzocaine is used as a local anesthetic, the following effects Benzocaine brings may happen: bluish-colored lips, fingernails, or palms, dark urine, difficulty breathing, dizziness or lightheadedness, headache, high fever, nausea, pale skin, rapid heart rate, sore throat, unusual bleeding or bruising, unusual tiredness or weakness, vomiting, worsening of pain, redness, swelling, or irritation in or around the mouth.


2. How to synthesize Benzocaine?

Using p-nitrobenzoic acid as raw material. Under the alkaline action of ammonia, ferrous sulfate reduces the nitro group to amino to prepare p-aminobenzoic acid. P-aminobenzoic acid undergoes esterification reaction under the acidic conditions of ethanol to produce p-aminobenzoic acid Ethyl ester that is Benzocaine.

Using p-nitrobenzoic acid as a raw material. Under the catalysis of concentrated sulfuric acid, it is firstly esterified with ethanol to produce ethyl p-nitrobenzoate. The ethyl p-nitrobenzoate is obtained by reduction under the action of iron powder. The product yield of Benzocaine is about 30%. The method to produce Benzocaine has simple steps, which is easy to obtain raw materials with low price so that it is widely used by domestic manufacturers.

Using p-nitrobenzoic acid as raw material. Using hydrochloric acid as the solvent and Sn as a catalyst for reduction. And then neutralizing with ammonia and acetic acid to obtain the p-aminobenzoic acid which the yielding is 45,64%. The esterification reaction is carried out under the action, and then the product Benzocaine is obtained by neutralization with sodium carbonate. The product yield of Benzocaine is 92.88%. In the amination stage, it is found that using Sn as a catalyst, Benzocaine obtained has a higher yield and purity.


3. How to store Benzocaine?

Benzocaine shall be stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Benzocaine should be kept away from fire and heat sources, as well as avoiding direct sunlight. The package of Benzocaine is sealed. Benzocaine should be stored separately from oxidants, acids, alkalis, reducing agents, and edible chemicals to avoid mixed storage. The warehouses where store Benzocaine should be equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment. The storage area of Benzocaine should be equipped with suitable materials to contain the leakage.

It there is leakage of Benzocaine, sweep up carefully and put into a spare bag. Wash the leaked area contaminated by Benzocaine with water. Pour the diluted sewage of Benzocaine into the wastewater system.

The operation of Benzocaine should be airtight with full ventilation. Prevent the release of dust into the air of the workshop. Operators must undergo special training and strictly abide by the operating procedures. It is recommended that operators wear self-priming filter dust masks, chemical safety glasses, gas-penetrating anti-virus suits, and latex gloves.


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